Choose Women

We were approached by Wendy Diamond, founder of Womens’ Entrepreneurship Day, with a big idea: lend to women owning small businesses just by shopping. By clicking to a participating retailer’s site from, a percentage of proceeds is automatically set aside from a customer’s purchase to invest in select Microloans to women around the world.

This complex ask was distilled down to a stylish, straightforward experience: a nonprofit that looks and feels like a high-end ecommerce platform.

UX research identified the priorities of the site: Shop; Tell the stories of the women benefiting from microfinance; Explain process of microfinance & where your money goes; Encourage women to list their own online businesses on the site, with the eventual goal of including brick-and-mortar stores in the program.

— Branding
— Logo
— Website

Agency: KraftWorks
CD: Neil Kraft
Senior AD: Karen Lee

Website: Shop Page

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